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Your requirements become our own

Your property search is unique, and understanding your requirements lies at the very heart of our success. Our real-estate agents have an exceptional talent as they fully embrace your wishes from the word go, whether you are looking for a place to live, a holiday home or a buy-to-let property. Whether you are an expat, moving for work or simply looking to change homes, they are committed, paying close attention to detail and remaining flexible to unearth the hidden gems on the market.

Guaranteed confidentiality and peace of mind

Property purchases can be complex, time-consuming and stressful. At Mon Chasseur Immo Prestige, we have hand-picked a team of reliable and trustworthy experts to make your life easier and offer you total peace of mind every step of the way. No more needless stress or wasted effort, simply enjoy the experience of an exceptional property search.

Exclusive access to the entire real-estate market

Thanks to our extensive network and local experts, you can enjoy access of unique and rare off-market properties, each carefully hand-picked for you. Your estate agent explores each and every option to help you unearth your very own hidden gem. Moreover, our tools detect properties very quickly, as soon as they are published, giving you a head start.

Precious time-saving

Before presenting our properties to you, your estate agent meticulously explores each property to ensure they meet your personal specifications. You will receive a detailed report, accompanied by videos, to enjoy a fully-immersive and clear experience from the very start. This will help you avoid needless visits allowing you to only spend time focussing on those which perfectly meet your expectations.

Careful follow-up

We are firm believers that every detail counts in property negotiations and administrative formalities. Your estate agent is an expert and will be able to ensure you receive the very best offers and that each contract and document signed is processed with the utmost care and attention.

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Delve into a fully-immersive and enjoyable experience thanks to our innovative tools

With one eye firmly on the future, we believe in using innovative tools to ensure you can enjoy a high-quality experience which is simple and flexible.

Your very own Client Portal allows you to track the development of your project, access all relevant information and discover exceptional properties hand-picked especially for you in real-time. In just one click, you can inform your estate agent of your interest in a particular property.

Enjoy exclusive access to our preferred partners

We have carefully selected trusted brokers, notaries, lawyers and architects who share our commitment to excellence. We'll put you in touch with them according to your needs, and you'll benefit from first-rate advice and services throughout your real estate project.


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